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Success stories

Hit it off

jpgMy girlfriends at work put me up on RSVP, they thought it was time to get on with life!! Mick and I met in late 2006 and we hit it off straight away with many common interests and ideals.

Mick was twice divorced so it was surprising that he thought about a relationship again let alone go looking for one!!

For me I found a man who cooks, shops and is caring and considerate so of course I hung on to him! We bought a house together in 2007 then married in mid 2008 so we are celebrating 10 years of marriage this year!

We now have 4 grandchildren and are both retired and enjoying the travelling and grey nomading!!

Thanks to RSVP, something I was wary of at first, and Mick was just plain scared of... We are now enjoying a wonderful life together.